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Welcome to my Internet Marketing BlogWelcome to my Internet Marketing BlogWelcome to my Internet Marketing Blog

I am so glad that you are here!

I am George Pierce.  Thanks for your interest in Internet Marketing.

I have over 15 years of experience in Internet Marketing.  I am the founder of Internet Marketer Training.  

I invite you to visit:

You are also invited to check out the Internet Marketer Training Channel on YouTube.

If you are interested in making money online, Internet Marketing and/or YouTube are areas that you should consider.  The income potential is more than you can imagine.

The CATCH is that it can and probably will take time.  

You can make money, but you may not make much initially.  The reason is that there is a learning curve and it takes time.  

I cannot make any promises or guarantees, but it may take you several months or more to make money as an Internet Marketer and it may take you six months to a year or more to make money as a YouTuber.  

The bad news is that you may not make any money at all.  I struggled for what seemed forever.  My results were pitiful for the first year...I was not good at making money online, but I was quite good at losing money online.  

Some of the mistakes that I made!

I made many mistakes while starting out, but there are three that quite important and worth sharing with you.

#1: mistake was actually a LACK of focus.

I tried to learn everything!  I tried to learn everything at once.  I became a Jack Of All Trades and a Master of none.  That strategy does not work.  Nowadays, it is even worse for newbies.  There are so many shiny and distracting objects.  There is also more to learn.  Before you write off making money online, the good news is that there are more tools and better strategies. 

There are also many experienced people who are willing to share what they know and are willing to give you help.  Simply be careful and make your choices and decisions after taking the time to research and analyze.

#2:   I chased affiliates and not buyers.  

My instincts and initial training were all about AFFILIATES...I finally figured out that I needed to seek the buyers...HOT BUYERS.  That is where the money is.  I discovered how to use trends and other strategies and tools in order to get closer to the money/  

#3:  Creation is secondary.

As a newbie, creating websites, land pages, blogs, articles, and so on was primary.  I discovered that marketing is primary.  Marketing is what makes things happen.  Marketing is the key to online income.  Creation is certainly essential, but I discovered that the more that I could streamline and speed up my creation efforts, the more time I had for marketing.

The three mistakes above are common mistakes that I believe that most marketers are guilty of.  Speaking for myself, I was.  If any of the above applies to you, again, allow me to invite you to visit and especially my YouTube channel


My video training focuses on helping you avoid or fix the three areas above. 

Forming Habits

Based on my experience, making money online also depends on paying attention to a lot of little things.  My secret is to develop a marketing process which not only includes all the little things that are necessary but also makes them a habit.  

You have probably heard of 'autopilot'. 

Consider learning an effective strategy for making money online and then consider working consciously to put yourself on autopilot.  

Thanks so much so visiting, I appreciate it.

Much success,

George Pierce


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What has been happening today?

I published a video on YouTube.   

The video is about Sejda, a suite of free PDF tools.  Whatever you might need to do regarding PDF, 

Sejda probably has what you need and for free.

Visit the information page:

Visit Nunchaku Pioneers:

Visit Creative 7 Inc with Jamie:

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Thanks for reading, my friend, much success.