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What are the results of the Keto diet?
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Results of the keto diet for weight loss

The carbohydrate-insulin pattern of obesity, the basic theory that ketogenic diets have some metabolic advantage, is experimentally falsified.

Own studies by advocates of keto diets show just the opposite: the ketogenic diet actually puts you in a metabolic deficiency and slows down the loss of body fat.

Exactly how much does fat loss reduce with a low-carb diet? If you eliminate about 800 calories a day from carbohydrates in your diet, you will lose 53 grams of fat a day, but if you remove the same amount of calories from fat, you will lose 89 grams per day.

The same number of calories, but excess fat equal to nine parts oil that melts from your body every day on a low-fat diet, compared to a low-carb diet.

The same number of calories, but about 80% more fat loss, when you reduce fat instead of carbohydrates.

Here is the graph.

Reduce 800 calories from your carbohydrate diet and you will lose body fat, but if you reduce the same number of calories from fat, you will lose even more body fat – 80% more fat.

The title of the study speaks for itself: “Calorie for calorie, limiting fat from food leads to greater loss of body fat from the restriction of carbohydrates in obese people.

Distressed woman on scale. Keto Diet Results
Most diets are disappointing. Is Keto Diet also a disappointment?

But just by looking at the scales in the bathroom, though, it would mislead us to think otherwise.

After six days of a low-carbohydrate diet, the subjects lost 1.8 kg.

With a low-fat diet, they lost less than 1.3 kg.

So, when you step on the scales, it looks as if the low-carb diet wins.

So, you can see why low-carb diets are so popular.

But what happens inside people’s bodies shows the true story.

The low-carb group lost mostly lean mass – water and protein.

Water loss helps explain why low-carb diets have been such a money machine for publishers for the past 150 years.

This is their secret.

As one weight-loss expert points out,  Rapid water loss is the trick of the $ 33 billion diet.

” When you eat carbohydrates, your body supplies the muscles glycogen for fast energy.

If you eat a high-carb diet for three days, you will be able to add about 1.3 kg.

muscle mass in his arms and legs.

These glycogen stores are depleted on a low-carb diet and they take water with them.

And ketones must also be excreted by the kidneys, discarding even more water.

On the scales, this can be depicted as 1.8 kg., which are downloaded within 10 days, but all this can be accounted for in the loss of water.

The bottom line: keto diets just don’t hold water.

But the thrill of losing weight so fast the scales continue to make people come back.

When dieting fails, people often blame themselves.

But the intoxication from this initial rapid weight loss it can tempt them again, as when one gets drunk after forgetting how horrible the last hangover was.

This is called the ‘false hope syndrome.

The diet industry is thriving with repeat customers, something that created low-carb diets, given this rapid initial water loss.

But what we are interested in is body fat.

In six days, the low-fat diet has extracted a total of 80% more body fat than a low-carb diet.

And this is not just a study.

If you look at all the controlled nutrition studies, where scientists compare low-carb diets to low-fat diets, changing the same number of calories from carbohydrates with calories from fat or vice versa.

If a calorie is just a calorie, then all these studies should have crossed that zero line in the middle, and indeed six of them succeeded.

One study showed more fat loss on a low-carb diet, but any other study prefers a low-fat diet, more body fat loss with the same calorie intake.

If we take all the studies together… here we are talking about 16 grams more daily fat loss in low-fat diets, that’s four pieces more butter, melting from your body daily.

Less fat in the mouth means less fat on the thighs, even when consuming the same number of calories.

George Pierce. owner of Keto Super Center
George Pierce’s views on the Keto Diet.


I am George Pierce, founder of Win At Losing Weight and owner of this site. Personally, I am opposed to low fat diets. Fat is essential for our health and especially for our brain.

Guess what?

I am not a huge fan of Keto.

So….Why in the world have I created a Keto Diet website?

The first is that Keto does a lot of things right.  Keto works with our body and most diets work against our body.  Second, Keto has excellent short-term results for many people.

Third, Keto is also easier than ever since there are so many truly delicious recipes and more are being created all the time and more.

Fourth, more keto plans are realizing the number of carbs.

Two Negatives are that Keto is lower in fiber than I would like and that the long-term effects of Keto.  Some of the results are that the keto diet could cause low blood pressure, also keto is thought to cause kidney stones, constipation, and nutrient deficiencies.  It is also thought that Keto can cause an increased risk of heart disease.

The bottom line is that Keto needs to be your decision.  It has helped a lot of people and it may help you.

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