What Is Dirty Keto

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Dirty Keto Chicken Tenders

What is Dirty Keto? 

Dirty keto is a convenient approach to the ketogenic diet that prioritizes macronutrient ratios over quality food choices.

Dirty keto focuses exclusively on the keto macronutrient split of 70% fat, 5% carbohydrates, and 25% protein.  The idea behind dirty keto is alluring because followers can eat low-carb junk food and quality lose weight.

For example, a dirty-keto dieter may opt for fast food options like keto donuts for breakfast.

Diet Coke and chicken tenders at KFC for lunch, and a ginger-glazed beef plate at Panda Express for dinner.

Though these meals fit the keto macros, they’re also full of highly processed health-harming ingredients.

Though indulging daily in greasy junk food on dirty keto may sound appealing, it can result in any number of these unfortunate side effects:] [Text: Uncontrollable cravings, micronutrient deficiencies, digestive issues, inflammation, gas, and bloating (just to name a few!)

When is it okay to do dirty keto?

Travel: You’re starving at the airport and there are few healthy options available.

Eating Out: Your best friend’s birthday party is at a restaurant with a limited menu and you have to get creative.

Family Get-Togethers: You’re at a family dinner where your mom made a dirty keto dish for you.

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