The first stage of attracting wealth or attracting money is the ‘realization’ stage. It is necessary that you realize that attraction is a real force. Tapping into the power of attraction is probably impossible without realizing that it exists. But when you come to this realization, it is usually an epiphany. A light suddenly turns on in your brain!

Remember that this first stage is essential, but also remember that there are two more stages. Simply being aware of attraction will not make any difference. In order for you to benefit, in order for your life to change, there are two more stages….Learning…Engagement.

Learning About Attraction

In this important stage, most people get it wrong. They literally learn about attraction but fail to learn about how to systematically apply its principles. So many people learn about attraction but do not learn how to use it. According to Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism, there are six scientifically proven steps that you and I need to learn in order to harness the power of attracting money.

This second stage is much like learning to drive. Instead of learning all about automobiles, you learn how to drive. The more you learn about attraction, the more empowered you believe you will be. Wrong! Learning all you can about attraction is well and good, but in order for you to be able to harness its powers, be sure to learn how to use it as well.


Just like with learning to drive, you will have to ‘get behind the wheel’. You will need to mentally and physically put your newly learned power into action. Your benefit is two-fold.

Your actions will begin to plant the seeds for results and those results will happen…it is the law.

Your actions will turn into skills with applied effort. Each day your mastery of this awesome power will improve!