George Pierce

I am George Pierce.

My Story:

Like you, I was searching for the secrets about how to attract money. I was a perfect example of how to act money instantly.

I practiced Conceive, Believe, and Achieve with 24/7 positive thinking. I believe that I was and still am very good at positive thinking….but, believe me, it takes more.


You guessed it…very little. Although I thought that I was going to figure out how to attract money fast and how to attract wealth, my forward momentum was almost zero.

If your desire is to attract wealth, to learn
how to attract good luck and wealth, or
an abundance of money, you may be able to relate to my story.

At that time, my efforts to attract money now,
and to take advantage of ‘money and the law of attraction’ should have worked, but did not.

In my case, the missing ingredient for success was ‘giving’.

After about three and one half long years of extreme effort to be successful with a result of status quo, I made a discovery.

Of course, I had been trying to figure out what was missing, my research said it was ‘giving’.

Palm Beach

I gave for all the wrong reasons, yet it worked. Almost overnight, I went from a one-room office to a 3 story building in Palm Beach on Palm Beach Way, and from zero employees to 30.

The point that I want to make is that success can seem elusive, if not impossible.

Amazingly, once you crack the code, the faucet opens and a flood is imminent. Once you learn the six steps in Total Mony Magnetism and money affirmations that work fast, you will have learned how to get money instantly.

There is a literally proven science behind attracting abundance,

I learned the steps the hard way and over many years, you can learn them immediately.

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