How To Manifest Money In Three Steps

How To Manifest Money In Three Steps

Just about all of us are interested in manifesting money and manifesting wealth.

If you had an opportunity to manifest wealth, chances are that you would not

hesitate.  You would quickly grab the opportunity since attracting money and

attracting wealth are preferable to not attracting them. 

You do have a choice!

Manifesting money begins with your mind and your thoughts.  If you are not yet

attracting money, you can change things.  It begins with your belief system regading

money.  You can change your belief system and use the Law of Attraction to create

prosperity beyond your imagination.  Just follow these steps.

#1:  Fix Your Belief System

Many of us have been taught some incredible lies about money. 

  • It is selfish to want lots of money.
  • You will never be rich.
  • Money cannot buy happiness.
  • Money it the root of all evil.
  • Money is not important.
  • And on and on.

Your first step is to reveal your own limiting beliefs about money.

Simply complete the following:
1. I’m not financially free, because ___________.
2. I’d love to have more money, but ___________.

Identifying these beliefs is a huge step, since now you can take

steps to change them.  

Positive affirmations are most helpful in modifying your money mindset.

The following are examples of some affirmations that may be helpful or useful:

I am happy, I am healthy,, I am wealthy, I feel terrific.

I am letting go of all my negative thoughts about money.

I attract money.

I am changing my money vibe to that of attraction.

Your Mindset

In order for the Law Of Attraction to work for you, your mindset must be positive instead of

negative regarding money.  Identifying your limiting beliefs and using positive affirmations

will help to create a mindset that is receptive.  Avoid this step and your old

mindset will continue to repel money, thus canceling out the Law Of Attraction.

Money is simply a resource and a resource that is in abundance, unlimited abundance.

#2:  Already In Possession

Your brain is programmed to give you EXACTLY what you want.  In step one you have

learned how to eliminate ‘resistance’, in step  two, you will learn about ‘clarity’.

The clearer that you can make whatever you want to attract, the easier it is for your brain to

attract it.  Being clear about your desires eliminates confusion.

The best way to make your desires clear to your brain is to visualize them, better still, is to 

see yourself as being ‘already in possession’. 

See yourself already in possession of money and wealth.

#3: Expect Results

It is called ‘positive expectancy’.  You need to EXPECT results.  The idea is that you

sincerely want to create a mindset of expectancy.

Thinking that attraction will work is a good first step. believing that it will work

means that you are on your way, but KNOWING that attraction works is your goal.

Once you KNOW that attraction works, then it is simply a question of time before your brain will

manifest your desires!

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