Total Money Magnetism

Total Money Magnetism Package

Discover a science-backed system for attracting wealth. This easy to follow six-step system has been researched, developed, and written by the world-renowned hypnotherapist, multimillionaire, and celebrity success coach Dr. Steve G. Jones.

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My Freelance Paycheck

My Freelance Paycheck Package

My Freelance Paycheck’s coach, Laura Pennington, teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know
about the secret of success and making money online.

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Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle Package

Why You’re Not Getting What You Want In Life (And What to Do About It!)

By Heather Mathews
Author of Manifestation Miracle

“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?” ― Anthony Robbins

Have you ever caught yourself making a bunch of excuses?

It’s always the same cycle: you come up with a life-changing idea…

…imagine what it would be like when you make it happen…

…then put up a wall of reasons why it can’t be done.

Tell me if the following sounds familiar:

“If I only had more time, I could learn how to speak Italian.”

“I’d get off the couch and go to the gym, but I’m just not feeling it today.”

“I’ll get around to writing that book after my schedule clears up. I’ve just been so busy lately!”

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Dream Life Mastery

Dream Life Mastery

Dream Life Mastery Program – Masterclass

By Dr. Steve G. Jones
Discover The Cutting-Edge ‘Mind Transformation’ Method For Creating A Life You LOVE Living

Want to know the lazy persons secret to ultimate abundance?

That works faster than anything else you might have tried before

>> Shortcut to abundance in minutes a day. 

All you have to do is use this to reprogram your inner mind, towards an abundant life of wealth, success and happiness.

…and remove the invisible barriers that are holding you back.

In less than FIVE minutes from now, you’ll be able to quickly and easily build a life that you love, complete with more wealth & phenomenal success in achieving your goals…

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Stop Stress

Stop Stress Package

Stop Stress Self
Hypnosis Track

By Dr. Steve G. Jones
It’s Time To Stop Being Overwhelmed
By Stress & Take Control

This self-hypnosis track is a quick and simple way to release tension and rewire your mindset to stop stress from taking over. It helps free the mind of disruptive thinking patterns in order to set the right conditions for success.

Use this to subconsciously absorb beliefs, mindsets, and habits that create positive changes AND pave the way to a less stressful and happier life!

Here are some of its benefits:

Release built-up tension.

Build wellbeing habits

feel More Energized Physically

Build resilience to deal with difficulties,

Eliminate negative thinking habits

Kickstart your success

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