When Attracting Money, You Are Your Worst Enemy

In Your Own Way

Most of us stand in our own way when it comes to change, especially in the area of attracting money and attracting wealth

We are naturally reluctant to change and even more reluctant to succeed. Sounds horrible, right? You may feel deep down that being able to attract money is a skill that you could never learn. Although it is a skill that Dr. Steven G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism, has broken down into six easy steps and scientifically proven to work, you have been convinced over the years that attracting wealth is impossible…at least, for you, attracting money is impossible.

Although this kind of thinking is not your fault, it still means that you are the one that stands in your way. Thus, you may become your worst enemy when it comes to attracting money.

What can you do about it?

Amazingly, changing this mindset is as simple as flipping a switch. Your brain is very capable of attracting whatever you desire. In fact, your brain is already doing its best to ‘deliver’ what you want.

There is a problem, however, when your old beliefs stand in your way. Your brain gets conflicting information. Your brain gets messages that you would like to have money, it also gets messages about how attracting money is impossible.

You can resolve this conflict if you choose to.


Make a decision that you no longer want your old thoughts and beliefs to stand in your way. Make a decision that you want to go forward with attracting money instead of repelling it.

Have A Chat With Your Brain

Your brain is programmed to ‘deliver’ what you want. Let your brain know that you want to attract money and that you want to change your old beliefs.

More To Do

Of course, there is more to do and more to learn, but this important step will remove the shackles that are keeping you from taking the steps you need to take. The chains that keep you from learning about wealth creation will be broken. A huge burden will suddenly be lifted.

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